A Ring To Claim Her Crown

The princess can pick any man…apart from him! Revel in the drama of this royal-reunion romance by Amanda Cinelli.

What will she choose:
Her duty or her heart?

Princess Minerva is set to inherit the crown of the small kingdom of Arqaleta. First, though, she must marry. A ripple of shock goes through her when she sees one completely off-limits candidate among her suitors: her ex-fiancé, exiled prince turned tycoon Liro!

When Liro broke their betrothal and disappeared, Minerva was devastated. Yet even with the past still raw between them, their passion erupts immediately! Her royal responsibility demands she choose another man. Only the more time she spends in Liro’s alluring presence, the more wearing anyone else’s ring feels unthinkable…

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

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