Two weeks until the release of The Vows He Must Keep!

Hello, Ciao, Olá!

Are you getting excited for release day?

This is the first book in a brand new series but here’s a secret I don’t think i’ve mentioned yet….

If you loved my second book, The Secret to Marrying Marchesi, you might be happy to ‘see’ some familiar faces in this one.

Valerio is a grunting alpha who has just gone through the worst year of his life. But what you don’t know is that he is actually the younger brother of Rigo Marchesi, CEO of the Marchesi global fashion brand.

I like to think of them as if the Armani brand was recognised by a couple of devastatingly handsome Armani sons out running wild in the European social scene.

Amerigo Marchesi Sr. had a vision for his two strapping sons to follow in his footsteps and carry the family name into the twenty-first century and beyond. Ever the overachieving first-born, Rigo stepped into the role of heir with gusto.

But Valerio is not cut from the same cloth as his stoic, level headed brother. A wildchild at heart, he forged his own path in the world. A path which led him to adventures across the seas and garnered him the tabloid title ‘The Riviera Pirate’.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love exploring how family relationships (even great ones) have such an impact on the decisions we make.

I really enjoyed writing Valerio and I think he and Daniela are my favourite couple so far. Possibly because I feel like i’m now well on my way to creating my own little Amanda Cinelli Universe. A world filled with secrets and drama and plenty of romance!

I can’t express how much I loved seeing where Rigo and Nicole ended up after their story reached its final page. I’m a big series reader and it’s always my favourite thing to get glimpses of past couples or guess who might be getting a story next. Do you enjoy linked stories?

Pre-order now if your haven’t already!

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